Technology challenges

What better to do on a rainy sunday but to attack zome technology challenges that have been waiting to be fixed.  First the webcam.  It used to work 😦 but now it does not.  de-install, re-boot pc, re-install, reboot pc, and guess what it works.  Now to create an account at  How appropriate.  We can now have a blog via the webcam or something like that.

The next challenge is to fight with our telephone provider to disable phonemail.  After some surfing I have been able to find some clues.  No more answering machine which leads to a few other challenges.  Swith on and off the machine, press a number of buttom and after a while it seems to work… Then as I am ready to record my message, I get the laughing craze and not stay serious.  It takes for ever to get it right but in the end it works too.

A great sense of accomplishment to have fixed our technology challenges of the week.  Onwards and forward.


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