A sad day in the life of an optimist and how to a smile back on your face!

On december 12th at 7:15 AM I sat down at my laptop to open my mails and see what nice things the day would bring.  I opened my mailbox to find out that several of my good friends were asked to leave to company in the US, TODAY.  I know the times are hard and we all have to contribute, but that type of news brings the optimist to a standstill.  But then I started thinking about the good times we had and the smile comes back to my face.  Here is an example, Tom and I were at a conference in Cannes and customers walking through the exhibition did not want to talk to us on our booth.  What did Tom do: he threw a t-shirt next to them and said they dropped the T-shirt and nearly all of them started a conversation with us.  Great marketing technique I learned from an old fox.  It is funny, it works and it is effective.  And most of all, it made people laugh.  Good luck Tom and keep in touch.


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