The “God” came to visit you…

This week our new worldwide CEO toured Europe.  being involved in the preparation of this visit, I got the impression we are preparing for a visit from God or some other celebrety.  Everything is planned and written out minute by minute and scene by scene.

So when he finally visited us, it was for most people refreshing to see he was just like us.  He is  a human as the next man, he eats, drinks and talks like us and he doesn’t even know all the answers (just like us) to the questions before us.  Down to earth, as they say.

The most refreshing idea is that he walked freely (not on a leash) through our office stopping at each desk, shaking the person’s hand and introducing himself and taking the time to speak freely with the employees.  What a change to traditional leaders.

Yes, people have questions about the future of the company and their position in it, but by having being personally spoken to and being able to express freely your mind to the CEO, what else can you say other than:

“Yes, we believe we can do it with this man”!


One Response to “The “God” came to visit you…”

  1. Teresa Says:

    Mic, I’m glad that «God’s visit» (as you put it 🙂 ) had such positive outcome. I wasn’t able to meet him personally, once he didn’t come to Lisbon or Madrid, but the feedback I got from my collegues who met him in Paris is similar to yours: a simple, straightforward man with the sense of urgency and pragmatism that our company needs in its leader. More hope in everyone I guess!…

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