How to speed up technology adoption

Last Monday morning, the UK, northern France and Belgium woke up to a white bed of snow.  Some people tried to get to their office but were stopped by the roads or public transportation which did not ride.   In some areas business came to a halt for 2 days.

But not for me, I discovered how to make better use of technology to keep my commitments for these days.  First of all, I turned all face-to-face meetings into conference calls. Done in 10 minutes!

Secondly, for those meetings where we have presentation, I made them into Livemeetings.  Done in 10 minutes!

Thirdly, those people that required face-to-face contact, we setup a webcam session! Done in less than 5 minutes!

Finally, I need to think about cost, so I made great use of my Skype connection to do all the calls (from the comfort of my house.

Conclusion: all meetings took place, more efficiently and at nearly zero cost.  the biggest benefit was: no travel time (only to the coffee machine at home).  Or when the world comes to a standstill, technology saves the day!


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