What to wear

As the crisis is hitting us all very hard, it is important to demonstrate a professional image towards our customers.  So perfect timing to update the “dress code”!  

Gone are the days when “casual friday” is everyday.  Time to dress up.  But here is the catch: how to define what is business dress? And what is business casual dress? Or even what is causal dress?

I made a strong debate for short sleeve WHITE shirt (I never wear anything else – yes, even in winter) as part of the Business dress with the assumption that when you have your coat on you can not see that it is a short sleeve shirt.  Unfortunately, I lost the argument!  Off to shops, I guess. 

Business Casual is even more problematic and fun to analyse… To jeans or not to jeans?  How long can/must the skirts be (The mini skirt is gone)?  How long do the shirts have to be? What are business casual pants (sorry, golfers)?  Sandals for women?  A lot of questions and even more answers…

As a final comment, I would like to say that updating the “dress code” is one thing, enforcing it will be the next and fun to watch!  To be continued


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