To communicate or not to communicate

In these hard economic times, it is not very obvious if communicating anything is the right thing to do.  I went to lunch meeting organized by the American Chamber of Commerce that discussed this whole theme from different angles.

Of course, the speaker from the PR agency kept on saying that you must continue to communicate especially around good news and good morale boosters while the PR manager from a large financial institution was a whole lot more conservative about what he thinks should be communicated.

Looking back at it from a business point of view, the lessons that I learned was that the PR people must foremost make sure they communicate to  employees to boost morale, focussing on things that make the individuals and the company proud!  I am convinced there is alot we can communicate to be proud of in a company.  It is just a matter of looking.  If we can add good news to the equation, we should, and we should talk openly about the bad news internally but not to point to create a negative atmosphere.  I wonder if all the communication people feel the same way and would agree with this… or do they also live in ivory towers.


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