“Made to stick”

This week I hosted, jointly with the Vlerick Management School, a great seminar in St Paul de Vence for a CEOs of growing companies.  The message that stuck into my mind was the fact that the whole seminar turned into and around the term “made to stick” (Dan Heath).  I can even prove it via a number of shocking examples.  The synergy that the academic world created with the business world was just plain amazing.  

When is the last (or should I say: the first) time you  ever saw 50 CEOs fall into the arms and hug a Bizz school professor to thank him for the guidance and support he provided to them.  Truely his messages were “made to stick”! and so it the emotion this unleashed!  

When the master himself, Dan Heath, personally addresses the bizz professor and congratulates him on his efforts to guide these companies to making their message stick, emotions run very high – A goosebump moment with thanks to Prof. Marc Buelens.

Finally hearing a world renouned art dealer, who has galleries in Knokke and St Paul de Vence, say that he is not an entrepreneur, but during his presentation realizes that he really is – with thanks to the messages sent to him by the bizz professor during the debate and again emotions run high.

I can only say one thing after this seminar: “Hans Crijns, you are a remarkable man and it is an honor to know and work with you.  You made it stick (for me too)”.


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