Challenges of travel

Earlier this week, I needed to go a town Milton Keynes in the UK to present to a bunch of critical people.  I thought that would be a challenge but it turned out that the challenge lay in getting there!

During the week before my trip, I started checking the railway websites (several of them) to find out the travelling times.  The inbound journey could be found but when trying to get an outward bound journey the systems (of different companies) stalled.  As a good traveller I tried to book my ticket but kept getting messages such as “system down, please check again”… And this for several days.

So I undertookd my journey with my booked tiocket to the UK in hand but no ticket from London to Milton Keynes.   When I got to the station I got a ticket in the old fashioned way (at the counter) and was told to hurry to platform 5 to take the first train.  I got in, doors closed and train left.  Only to see that the trained “passed” my station but would not stop there.  So First stop (passed my statioin) I had to get off and take a train back to my destination.   Luckily I had left in time to get to my presentation on-time.

I guess the Belgian railway system is not so bad and moreover the online service is great (and works).

By the way, the presentaion went over great!


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