It is time to innovate yourself

It has been a great summer. But all beautiful things must come to an end and so does this summer. Vacation is over and school is back in session.

As we pack our business briefcases, we wonder “when” and “if” the crisis is going to end. I hear people say that “we are fueling the crisis ourselves”, but tell that to those who have lost their job in the first half the year or those who will suffer this faith in the 2nd part of the year. Money is not rolling. It is not over till the fat lady sings!

Sales people are wondering how they are going to reach their targets which were set before anyone knew the extend of what started last year. Marketers already suffering slashed budgets are wondering how they will be able to generate any ROI on “no budget” or even their position. And the there are the supporting functions and admin staff who will have to do even more with even less…maybe them.

My conclusion is: “It is time to innovate yourself”. Think what you can do for yourself and not what your company can/might do for you. Creativity, flexibility, entrepreneurship and fabulous networking will give you the necessary strength to innovate yourself to reach your full potential.


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One Response to “It is time to innovate yourself”

  1. kevin Says:

    nice article…

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