Are you on a rollercoaster ride?

We all spend our life in a rollercoaster park.  As we grow professionally, we move from one rollercoaster to another and develop a career.  When you get on a rollercoaster, you get slowly pulled up and prepared for the ride ahead.  Then comes the first descent and the adrenaline starts flowing.

You scream and are heard – you want to be the one that gets noticed.  You move through the bends leaning into them and holding on to your seat as you are faced and conquer challenges.  Some rides also have 360 loops (we call then restructuring) and that when all the safety gear gets really tested as well as your health (god forbid you through up).  The more noise you make, the more you get noticed. Your picture might be even taken when you are enjoying the ride – a nice momentum.  The speed gives you the thrill you are looking for and you take no notice of time.

But then the ride ends and the question becomes if you are going to go for another spin on the same track  or whether you are going to change rollercoaster ride  to look for new thrills.



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