The irrelevance of the news

I am currently on a trip in California and missing out on my daily news. A good habit while on vacation.

However, once in a while I check out the news and I was really amased today. Here is one story: yesterday Clijsters played the final at the US open (and won). I opened the newspaper “USA today” this monday morning hoping to find the result. Nowhere any news about it. I surfed to the the online version of my quality paper “De Standaard” to find out that she did win and it was “Worldwide News” but I guess not for USA Today.

Even better, reading through my quality paper again, I found 2 headlines: “GM Antwerp is closing” meaning several thousand people are going to be out of a job. The next one read: ” The crisis is over!” or how to confuse your audience completely!

My conclusion: News does not mean the same to everyone…


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