Retention Management Revisited

Business meets IT.  I was at a MINOC event on the subject of Retention Management.  Interesting event but strange to see that so many players in IT market are not present.  Maybe retention management is not on the agenda due to the crisis, which I learned to be “a time to take your chances” and not to hide from the limelight.

Here are some lessons I retained from the Business part:

  • HR management is fighting the same battles as CIOs.  Not part of the board due to not speaking “board language” – stop whining and do something about it – learn!
  • Retention starts with approaching recrutement as a process with a deliverable for both parties- Not only candidate needs to sell himself, but HR must sell the company to the candidate which is nearly never done. Candidates have choices too!
  • The CEO has to have a heart and put a fight in the retention battle: fostering development, initiative and advice if not retention will never become part of your culture.

The market survey on retention featured following highlights:

  • Machine decrease in value over time (amortized), people increase value over time – duh!
  • Digital communication creates and even greater gap between HR and employees – a computer as a fence to stop face to face communication- what a concept!
  • Employees now get less training days and less benefits, that cost money – HR and  creativity – uncharted waters…
  • Need to work smarter – decentralize when possible, thus keepîng the rotten apples out of the view and contact of the good apples – not a bad concept!

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