Who can see the difference…

As I start my new professional challenge, it is time get a new laptop. I decided that a netbook would be a good idea. It smal, light, easy and does verything I want when I am on the road.

So like a good consumer, I consult a number of reviews to make my choice. Like any good conservative belgian, I want to get my hands on it first to see how it feels and I go off to the retail stores. To my great surprise the THREE models I had selected (and they were top of the reviews) none is available in any store! Okay, so what is…

I will be smart and looked up the products I saw in the stores when I get home and write down the specs. Amazing, the specs are all the same (or very – very close). When home I check the models in the store vs the review listing and they are not to be found. Googling the models give some reviews and guess what: they are okay.   I compared the specifications to those I saw in the stores and guess what: the SAME specification (but different brands).

So who can see and tell the difference.

My conclusion was they are all the same. So I selected my laptop based on the KEYBOARD – how sad can it be to make a selection, but it works!


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