Entrepreneur 1.0 vs 2.0

A few weeks ago I attended a conference/exhibition for entrepreneurs in Gent.  I was one of 2000 attendees at “Ondernemen 2009”.  What I took away was that being an entrepreneur meant dealing with bureaucracy, a culture of debating and face-to-face networking with the goal to enlist you in an organization.  How very entrepreneur 1.0!

Last weekend, I was invite to Bizcamp 2009, a conference for and by entrepreneurs.  I was one of 100 at “Bizcamp 2009”.  What I took away was that being en entrepreneur meant sharing ideas, a culture of collaboration and networking in a new world (on-line and off-line).  A great breath of fresh wind and clearly the way entrepreneurship 2.0 must be.

When I attend a conference, I want to learn.  In the first case, I only went home with negative feeling and how “entertaining” the presentation was by Marc Buelens!  While the Bizcamp gave me tips and tricks that I, as a “young” entrepreneur, can implement on Monday morning.

  • The 4 Ps or marketing are changing (Personalisation, Dynamic pricing, Persuasion and Presence)
  • You do not need google to tell you how to get to the top of the google lists J
  • Many tools are free and od not require investments (Surveymonkey, wordpress, etc.)
  • 10 things I did not know about he internet…  Here is an interesting statistic…
    • 20% of men on Facebook watch women they do not know
    • 20% of men on facebook watch women they DO know
    • 30% of women on facebook watch women they DO know
    • Conclusion: Facebook is built to watch women!
    • There are smart ways to outsource for very little money (odesk and rentacoder)
    • Business angels telling you what they are really looking at when they invest

The conclusion is that government should rather invest in the second type of entrepreneurs than the first as the second types are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow…


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