There are networks and there are networks…

It is always great to read about the networks people have.  Especially those high-placed people whose network gets published in newspapers and magazines.  I just read in Trends Managzine what the network of Peter Leyman (ex CEO of Volvo cars in Belgium) is.    The next question I asked myself  is how do I reach these people as they might mean something for me (eg. a business engagement, become a customer, a lead towards a new job, etc.).


In today’s internet connected world, the first thought that comes to my mind is using electronic tools such as LinkedIn or Facebook.  But here is where the bad news hits.  these people can not be found online…  Of the 20 CEOs of the 20 top belgian companies less  than 20% exist in the online world (I checked!).   Even worse, only 33% of the members of belgian technology lobby group are represented online (one would think they be on the frontline of technology).  I wonder how the CEO of IT companies in belgium will score.  My guess is less that 50%, but look out for my next score results.


So if you ever wondered why CEOs have social networking sites blocked in their company, well it is because they are not on it and maybe not understand it.  Sounds very similar to thetime when everyone had a telephone on their desk and there was a freight the employees would be calling home all the time.


But back to my initial point, if you want to get in touch with these people, the message it that you will have to try and attend the private network meetings these people have to face to face.  Time to strengthen you personal network of people who can introduce you to them.  But how to find that information…


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