You still think you do not need a social networking policy?

Last week Google made a bold move into the integration of social networking with their Gmail package.  I am sure you will have not missed the Buzz news (!

I have tried it and yes, it works  nicely.  It is not perfect.  And I am not saying that I am  giving up my “hotmail” account just yet.  However, I have set up my Gmail account to integrate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc and will give it a go.    Now just get myself an Android phone and I have all my social networking stuff on the go, all the time!

I can hear you say: “okay, but the phone is still expensive”!  Well think again, here are 2 adverts for smart phones where I think the price is no longer a pain point.

These phones are promoted to engage in social networking.

On the other hand, I am sure you have also read one of the many recent reports about social networking reducing productivity at work which seems to indicate that access to social networking on company time must be banned and thus locked down.

So, banning work PC access  to networking sites at work, will not stop employees to post messages, pictures and other stuff on social networks.  Are we also going to ban the use of smart phones in our company?  Not going to happen!

So what can you? Start working on your social media/networking policy today that works for everyone including the company!


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