Social networking blocking myths busted

Last week I picked up an article on banning social networking at work ( on  Time-wasting is being cited as the most important reason for blocking social networking. But they have to admit that social networking is not a fad and certainly not going away!  The conclusion being that companies have different stances but blocking seems to be the best route.

While this might be an option, I have argued several times that blocking social networks is not an option due to the fact that people will participate anyway via other means e.g. working from home or a mobile platform.

When you are a CIO and blocking social networking site, here is something that will blow your socks off! There is a very simple way to pass around your blocked url going to social networks and you will not like it!  There is a legal way to beat the social network ban.  Just go to the bottom of this article… ( Are you willing to block Google at your company?  Or invest more money for more robust web-filtering software?

And here is another bit of news I picked up last week.  You thought your email address was fairly safe in Facebook.  Well here too, I have news for you!  Now everyone can get your email address out of Facebook through a very simple operation.  Some email programs allow you to import contact from other sources and guess what it includes your email address.  There is only one catch, they must be your friend, but how picky are we accepting friends or contacts?  Just use the Facebook application “export contacts” and you are on your way…

If you think that good governance and guidelines are not needed, you will be left behind and mistakes will happen that you will come to regret.  Time to implement your social networking policy or talk to me.


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