Training in what… social media and networking?

How many times have you joined a new social network or media without getting training or read the manual.  I think we are all guilty.  But is this really a good approach?

Maybe or maybe not!  In my survey about 40% of the audience would want training mainly on LinkedIn and not on other social media and networks.  Paying for it is even more problematic, 90% do not want to pay for it!  With Facebook and Twitter being used for business, I think there will be a good market for these trainings but at what price?

I have done some digging to find out what is available in terms of training for social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Twitter and the results are somewhat meager.  Using Google and Askjeeves as engines to search, I did not come up with much.

When it comes to LinkedIn, there is some face to face training done out there by different providers.  Even LinkedIn is beginning to provide some training.  But when you look at Facebook, Twitter or others, there is barely nothing in terms of face to face training.  So what are your options:

  1. Take the online training of the social media provider.
  2. But getting a book seems to be the most obvious route (“Facebook/Twitter for dummies”, “FB/Twitter the missing manual”, “Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business, etc.)”, “Facebook and Twitter 101 Training, the Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success, etc.)”
  3. You can always try the Mashable guidebooks on Twitter and Facebook
  4. There is some online training at or
  5. I did find some dutch training companies that offer some social media training but not to the extend that it would be useful.  More than willing to share their names.
  6. Finally, PR agencies are offering some training as part of their services.

It is clear that training is and will be needed if marketers and others are to succeed in using social media, but the field of offered courses is still unplowed.  If you know of any training, please let me know….


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One Response to “Training in what… social media and networking?”

  1. Anne Egros Says:

    Hi Mic,
    Thanks for the results of your survey.

    Today FREE is expected for all online training on the usage of social media tools. You have the members to members tip sharing, of course free, you get free trainings from service providers such as coach, consultants etc.

    For small business owners offering free training is a win-win marketing strategy: give free info to increase your reputation, generate more traffic and visibility on the web and get more clients.

    The magic thing with using social media for marketing is that you don’t have to sell, everything is free but free does not mean cheap or superficial, you attract people by your professionalism, expertise, great contents, good questions and answers.

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