When customer service matters… or not?

I am going through a period of changes. As one chapter of my professional life is ending, a new one is opening and this the time when customer service can shine… or not. Here are some illustrations.

In my previous life, I was a corporate account user for the mobile company, Mobistar. On the first day of not being a corporate account user, I get an SMS saying that I now am a pre-paid user with ZERO credit which is okay. However, now being a small business owner I immediately want to buy a subscription for mobile phoning and internet. I go to their own store and want to get a subscription (I am BUYER who needs no convincing!) and I am told they cannot get to my account since it is still a corporate account! It will take 48 hours for their servers to be updated while my phone subscription was changed in less than 12h! And by the way, once they can change it I will be locked in for 2 years! As a business owner on the road, this is disastrous since I have no access to my mail and cannot really call my clients and prospects. Outrageous! I think it is easier to switch mobile companies. So Mobistar, you have just flunked the customer service exam!

I was also owner of an hospitalization insurance with AXA via my ex-employer. That contract stopped the day I left. Can you imagine they are not contacting me to even ask if I want to continue my policy on a personal basis! I have to contact them myself if I want to give them my business! Guess not… So Axa, you are no longer on my shopping list (for any insurance).

On a positive note, when I returned my company car, the inspection went fast, polite and professional. They even offered, without asking, to bring me back to the train station! That is what I call thumbs up for Carroserie Européen. Or what customer service should look like.

I recently flew back from Chicago to Brussels on American Airlines. Just before we left – we were already on the plane – they discovered a fuel leak on the plane and the flight was delayed till a new plan could be found. A few hours later we did leave and I can tell you the customer service provided by the flight attendants and the free drinks were just a great sign of how customer service should work. Well done American Airlines!

I know I am ranting and raving but when it comes to customer service you need to treat everyone special even ME!

PS: BTW I am going to use this message to see who is listening via social networks to their customers – so Mobistar or Axa, if your are out there listening feel free to correct your bad record


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