“Oops, I did it again” – Mobistar

Earlier this month, I have shared with you my tribulations with my activation of my subscription at Mobistar.  After 8 days I was up and running.  I had ranted, I had raved, and I had even complained to top of the marketing department about my struggles –  my frustration was vented.  I thought my fun was over, till today…

I got a mail from a high-up-the-chain marketing person.  The fun began with the first 2 words: “Dear MS” with the assumption that MIC (my official first name) was the abbreviation for Michaela (and this really the text in the mail).  This makes me wonder about the CRM systems at Mobistar… My invoices do say MR…  I had mentioned that I am using social media and I guess looking there who the client was is not an option either.

The mail went on to apologize for the late answer – the person was 10 days on holiday – which makes me wonder since mobistar is the premier supplier of smart phones and is currently aggressively promoting the use of the internet from a mobile platform… But I respect the fact that when you are on vacation you do not answer your mails.  But “Eat your own dog food” thought does come to mind in this connected world.

The mail went on to say that he was willing to help me solve the problem which I find great for 2 reasons: I got a response on my mail and was offered help.   So at least some one at Mobistar gets back to clients.  But it saddens me to see that mobistar who strives to be a leader in new technology is using it so poorly (no twitter monitoring, the mobistar twitter id has been taken by a private person, no facebook, barely any linkedin activity, lot’s of Youtube videos but none posted by mobistar itself,…)

I one sentence: “Poor social media strategy and no social media policy in place – dangers are lurking just around the corner”.


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