Turning the table on recruitment companies.

When you have to look for a new job there is one message you can not miss since it is shouted from every rooftop: “make sure you have your social media profiles available everywhere, updated and looking professional” because recruitment companies will be using them to screen you before meeting you.  It is whispered they might even be looking for you, but are they really!

And this is the moment when I would like to turn the table on the recruitment companies.

For those of us passively looking for a new employment opportunity, we are the ones looking (and shopping around)… and here the sky darkens above the hills of recruitment companies.  In my current research of “social media in the recruitment world in Belgium”, some of the results are staggering!  The results are based on factual findings using social media, so “no correction by discussion”.

The final results will be available next week but here are some of the questions I am asking myself (and the recruitment companies):

  • Why do candidates have to be active, visible and findable in social media when recruitment companies are not (check their website for social media links)?
  • Why do candidates have to have a professional picture when most of the recruiters do not have one at all?
  • Why do candidates have to have many connections (let’s say 300 for argument’s sake and of course visible to the recruiter to check the quality) and the recruiter less than 50 (I am not kidding)?
  • Why do candidates have to have blogs and links to their websites and recruiters or their companies not?

So far I have not heard or found any good answers to these questions other than recruitment companies saying they are using social media.  I wonder how?  Anyone care to comment or to enlighten me?

By the way, if you are interested in a copy of the results, you can reach out to me!  Contact details below.


Email: adammic@vanguard-leadership.be

Mob. +32 478 50 41 35

Website: www.vanguard-leadership.be

Blog: https://micvadam.wordpress.com/

Find me also on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Netlog, etc.


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