LinkedIn statistics with a twist…

A few weeks ago, I ran across an article on the relationship between the number of contacts and  income.  The article was published in the Belgian national press referring to a Dutch blog ( which claimed the content came from LinkedIn.  Unfortunately, I was not able to trace it back to the original document.  We all know that the number of contacts has nothing to do with your income.

This triggered 2 research studies.  In the first one, I looked at the usage of social media by Belgian recruitment companies including a complete analysis of the profile of Belgian recruiters.  The report will be published at a later date.  During this study I noticed that  a lot of people do not show their picture leading to a second mini survey where I looked at the percentage people put their picture on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn states it has around 70 million users (about 700.000 in Belgium), but from my personal usage and surveys, I would like to shed a bit of different light on this number.  I recently sent out an email to 300 of my contacts from LinkedIn.  Unfortunately, I had about 1/3 that bounced.  I wonder if this is an indication of what people really experience and how active/up-to-date the profiles are.  Additionally, we all know that some people have multiple profiles.  My recruitment survey indicates that it is about 4%.  Taking these results and applying them to LinkedIn, I would say there are about 45 million (450.000 Belgians) real users.

Some other interesting facts were found when looking at LinkedIn profiles of Belgians.  Here are some numbers of people that do NOT have their picture on LinkedIn

  • 20% of my personal contacts (1400+)
  • 32% of marketing managers
  • 39% of marketing directors
  • 51% of all recruitment professionals
  • 60% of sales managers have no pictures

I wonder how these numbers stack up in other countries.  As always, your feedback and comments are welcome.


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2 Responses to “LinkedIn statistics with a twist…”

  1. Richard Says:

    Do they NOT have their photo on Linkedin, or do they make a mistake in the settings?

    You can edit this by selecting “My Profile Photo” at “Settings”

    In addition to users I message, my profile photo is visible to…

    My Connections
    My Network

    I think the majority of the persons mentioned above has the standard setting on “my connections” instead of “Everyone”

    • micvadam Says:

      Great comment!

      Obviously, either could be true. But from the missing parts in the rest of the profile, I think it has nothing to do with a mistake in the settings.

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