Are you visible?

Companies are deciding to embrace social media and are creating different social media profiles such as Twitter handle, Facebook Fan page, LinkedIn company profile, Youtube channel, etc.  But companies seem to forget is that you need to make these visible otherwise you miss the point.

From intermediate research results of a study done by Vanguard Leadership, I can see that 2 out the 3 companies (sample is 450 belgian companies of all sizes) do NOT have any links to social media on their website.

Recently I have read that most marketers are monitoring what is being said in the social media space.  So I have looked into this with my study find interesting facts which I will detail later this month. The biggest challenge is to find company Twitter handles and this for a number of reasons.

However, looking beyond the initial numbers, I investigated whether companies are actually listening to what shows up on these social media platform.  Using Twitter I am finding that under 50% are even responding to a message.

The conclusions and recommendations are then:

  • Choose your social media that fit your business
  • Create the profiles you can manage
  • Make sure they easily be found – use obvious names
  • Put a link to your social media on your website
  • Be open to and welcome interaction and dialogue

Have comments? Feel like reacting?  Why hesitate?


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