How and where are Belgian companies in social media visibility?

This week the article on “B2B marketers gain ground with social media” ( got published in one of the groups that I belong to in LinkedIn and opened up for discussion.  The upshot of the article is that 46% of the B2B marketers said that social media is irrelevant to their organization. And more even did not monitor social media.  So engaging customers is still not on the radar of many companies and marketers

This falls in line with some research I am doing during the summer months on social monitoring.  From looking at 540+ Belgian companies of all sizes but mostly in the B2B world, one gets a very mixed message.

Presence in social media?

It is great to see that 71% have some presence in social media, meaning they have a “company profile, page, twitter name, RSS feed, etc.”.

Where in social media?

The most popular social media site is LinkedIn where 2 out the 3 companies have a “company profile”.  Facebook is far less popular with 1 on 2 and twitter drops even further down to 1 in 3.


However, only one in four actually has a link to their social media pages on their website!  And that is typically the responsibility of marketing.   So as a customers who wants to interact with his supplier you will have to put in a good amount of effort to find them.

With these numbers in mind, it is clear that companies and marketers have a long way to go when it comes down engaging with the client.

.  So as a customer you really need to put in a lot of effort into finding and using them.  It adds another level of frustration once you found them that there is no response.  The consequence of this is that clients will post a lot of negative comments about the brand, the company and the product or service.

I would like to illustrate this with a personal example whereby I switched from one mobile phone subscription to another at Mobistar.  It took them a week to get my new subscription up and running (and I could not call out!). I tried to use Facebook, Twitter, and yes even Email and got NO response.  It got fixed but at the cost of a few negative posts on Facebook and Twitter and they now have someone who will advice against their brand at any possible opportunity (and I am not alone I am sure).  Even this post is another stab at them.

I challenge you to post a message on the wall o your favorite Facebook fan page and see if you have a reaction… Out of 55 I got 2!

The conclusion is surely that you need in social media (not everywhere – strategize); easily findable (put it on your website – execute) and most importantly engage your customer (monitor and respond).

More research data coming in upcoming blog posts.  Reaction, feedback, push back or other input welcome.


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