Are your tweets being answered?

Over the course of the summer months, Vanguard Leadership did a social media monitoring study and found that 40% of all companies have a company Twitter account (sample size: 540 companies).  It is one thing to have an account, but listening and using it is a different thing.  The research, confirmed by a study done in the UK by Wildfire PR in April 2010, that only 40% of the tweets are answered.

Maybe a few simple guidelines may make of Twitter a true engagement tool.

  1. Create a Twitter account but use a meaningful but short Twitter name.  This will allow you to create longer messages and easier for retweets mentioning your name.
  2. Don’t be cryptic knowing that you only have 140 characters to get your message across.
  3. Use URL shorteners when tweeting web addresses.
  4. Respond to tweets quickly.
  5. Give followers a reason to follow you.
  6. Add value and  retweet interesting messages.

One thing you should stay away from is to use Twitter as just another one-way broadcasting channel.  It is the quickest way to loosing your followers.

Are you one of those companies that is answering its tweets?  I love to hear from you on what other tips you want to share?  You do not agree with my points?  Let me know.


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