Have you joined or left Google+?

In July Google announced its newest addition in terms of social media: Google+.  This was Google’s next attempt to make a big splash in the social media world.  At that time I was really questioning the viability of such a new network and I think looking at where we are today, I still stand by my views.

Yes, I ranted and raved about the fact that I was not able to get onto Google+ but with thanks to a few friends I finally succeeded.  The frenzy Google+ was looking for did not miss its target.  The number of users grew to 20 million in no time.

Over the time I have been using Google+, I have not seen any (good) reasons why I would drop my other social media platforms and again I have been proven right.  Today, Google+ might claim to have millions of people but like I many have created an account, seen what the buzz was about and then left account inactive.  My point is that if all my friends are on other platforms, why should I switch…

Even worse, I ran across a post (http://mashable.com/2011/10/12/eric-schmidt-google-plus/) about Google senior management not being on Google+.  It seems that they were not eating their own dog food.  Since the public announcement of this fact, Google management has decided to join.  Now let’s see how their activity levels will be in the next months.

Looking at the stats for Google+, we can see that about 40 million accounts exist but it seems a boy’s network and a lot of them are working the field of social media.  Lately, posts have been showing up that Google+ is declining and/or loosing active users.  The main reason behind this is Facebook and the other social media platforms are taking the “new Google+” functionality on board quickly to re-establish their lead.  So what Google+ is accomplishing is to keep the competition on their toes, which is not bad!

Now that Google+ has opened up to the public, I am wondering if the adoption rate by “real” people that will actively use it, is going to go up.

If you just joined I would love to hear your experiences.  If you left, why?


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One Response to “Have you joined or left Google+?”

  1. Henk Deweerdt (@HenkDeweerdt) Says:

    Ik schreef er eerder al een artikel over op mijn blog. Toen al kwam ik tot de conclusie dat Google+ voor mij niets meer is dan een kopie van Facebook. Waarom zou een gewone gebruiker naar de concurrentie gaan als het toch maar een kopie is van het origineel? Tenslotte is die kopie zeker niet beter qua activiteit (Er zitten immers een pak minder bekenden op Google+) noch naar gebruiksvriendelijkheid.

    Google zal moeten innoveren en een stuk origineler uit de hoek komen wil het binnen een jaar niet uit de markt geconcurreerd worden.

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