Companies do not want conversations on social media!

For more than 10 years companies want to have “conversations” with the target audience.  Today, we can say that “joint he conversation” is really dead. Why?

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  1. Brands do not want to converse!

Most of the conversations where brands are named go unnoticed and are never answered. The only place where brands do react seems to be Twitter because it is pretty public and it is one the customer service tools companies use.

So social media is the PUSH platform where companies post messages but no to start conversations which is really the thing about social.  Even Facebook has seen this is even further reducing the reach of fan pages.

The miracle workers?  Brand and companies are now swiching to influencer marketing to get their messages seen.  And this too, is quickly coming to a standstil.  Why?  These influencers don’t do it fort he conversation either.  Let’s be honest they do it fort he money!

Another route seems to be using advocacy programs but here the shoe drops when it comes to the content which is not attractive for your advocates to share and start conversations around.

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  1. Customers do not converse either!

Have you talked to a logo?  It does not say much back, does it… Customers want conversations with real people.  You share ideas in a two-way street and just a one-way street.   It should be collaborative but it is not!  Thus end of the conversation!

The best brands can hope is a comment once in a while but again this is one way (see above).

The miracle workers? Companies are using their employees to talk to clients . Let’s call this employee advocacy.  And again,most posts do not have it in them to start conversations so why should employees share that content?  WIIIFM does not appear in the social selling handbooks!

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  1. Sociale media is no longer about conversations!

The days of conversations and organic reach are numbered.  Today, it is all about who has the deepest pockets to pay for content to be seem.  Guess what, we are going back to the last century with the billboards!

Most of the social media people are becoming the new advertising sales people.  And again, they are only concerned about the one-way traffic and have never heard about conversations.

Social media 2018 is all about buying (or selling) advertising to reach target groups. Where did the conversation go in there?

Even in my domain of social selling I am finding that sales people and marketers are more focused on advertising and not having conversations with clients (as is the case in real life).

The miracle worker? Time to learn the art of advertizing and forget about the conversation.

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There we go, vented my frustration about the lack of conversations.  In the meantime, I continue to find like Don Quichotte against the windmills to convince companies and social sellers to start conversations.  People do business with people and NOT logo’s (whatever these LOVE brand make you believe).

Are you joining my fight against the windmills?


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