3 ways to let recruiters know you are looking for a new job!

How many ways can you let your contacts and recruiters know that you are ready for a new opportunity?  I have come up with 3.

#1. Obviously you could set switch the Career Interest to “On”.  This will allow recruiters to find your profile using their LinkedIn Recruiter software.

VL- Rec

#2. However, there are more open ways to advertise you are open for a new opportunity.  Here are some options:

In your headline, you could include texts like:

  • “Open for or to new opportunities”
  • “Open for hire”
  • “Open for new challenges”
  • “Looking for new opportunities or challenge

VL - rec2

Of course, one could wonder how efficient this really is.  It does sound a bit desparate…

#3. More recently I came across a powerful hashtag: #ONO (Open for new opportunities)

VL - rec3

Which others are jobseekers using to publicly say they are available for new opportunities?




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