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Is your “social media persona” taking a vacation too?

June 28, 2010

School is out, most big sports events are coming to a close, summer is here and you are getting ready to take a vacation from work.  Your caravan, camper or tent is loaded up and you are ready to let the vacation spirit take over.

But is your social media persona taking a vacation?  I am guessing, not.  Why not take a break from social media? Or are you that addicted to it?  Wouldn’t it make you look more human if you took a vacation there too?

Here are some tips:

  • Since you want to get away from work, leave your laptop at home.
  • Switch off your smartphone.  And if you really need to be reachable by phone:
  • Check your e-mails ONCE a day if you must… (Do you really think you are that critical to the continuation of your business?).
  • Limit your online time to only 30 minutes to answer your mails (you are on vacation to spend time with your family after all!).
  • Sending tweets at every intersection, museum, restaurant or bar is not really needed.  Your friends do not want a play by play update.  It could be seen as showing off.  And keep in mind that roaming could cost you a lot of money.
  • It is okay not to update your status in Facebook and other social media every day.
  • Loading your pictures or video up to your favorite websites might not be the best idea since people might be listening in.  Maybe it is the taxman? Or worse, burglars?
  • Though it would be nice to become “mayor” of an exotic location using geo-location software (e.g. foursquare), keep in mind that you are telling people that you are not home.  Remember!  Burglars might see an opportunity to stop by your home…and go on trip at your expense.

If you have more good tips for the vacation period feel free to mail me ( So with that I wish all of you a great vacation!

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Who can see the difference…

October 22, 2009

As I start my new professional challenge, it is time get a new laptop. I decided that a netbook would be a good idea. It smal, light, easy and does verything I want when I am on the road.

So like a good consumer, I consult a number of reviews to make my choice. Like any good conservative belgian, I want to get my hands on it first to see how it feels and I go off to the retail stores. To my great surprise the THREE models I had selected (and they were top of the reviews) none is available in any store! Okay, so what is…

I will be smart and looked up the products I saw in the stores when I get home and write down the specs. Amazing, the specs are all the same (or very – very close). When home I check the models in the store vs the review listing and they are not to be found. Googling the models give some reviews and guess what: they are okay.   I compared the specifications to those I saw in the stores and guess what: the SAME specification (but different brands).

So who can see and tell the difference.

My conclusion was they are all the same. So I selected my laptop based on the KEYBOARD – how sad can it be to make a selection, but it works!