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Learning goes social

July 25, 2010

As a follow on to my blog post of July 2nd (, I want to expand the subject with newly acquired information from the conference where I presented my research and survey on social media in Learning and Training.

There are a few conclusions I heared and want to put forward:

  • There are certainly a number of good examples around of how (e-) learning can happen using social media.
  • There seem to be no negative stories around especially in the training sector (Domino Pizza’s example overlooked?), but that is more because the professionals in this domain are thinking along the next point in the list.
  • Learning should be kept within the firewall and not use publicly available tools.
  • Platform vendors seem to think they have included social media in their products.
  • Platform vendors seem to be re-inventing functionality of social media tools rather using existing platforms.

Focusing on the positive, as I mentioned, there are some good examples out there of how you can use social media in a training and development environment.  Here are a few examples.

One area where social media could play a big role is in induction training materials.  Learning to understand the new organization you will be working before you actually show up should have enormous payback.  Here are 3 elements that come to mind:

  • You can start the process before the person actually starts working for you.
  • Video, org charts, contacts, mentors and products can be provided to smooth out the initial period.
  • It will increase the retention

Video is certainly the best media to use in social learning.  Companies like Black& Decker, Waterford Wind Turbines or BT (Dare2Share – have demonstrated that social media is a viable channel to learn.  Each of these examples have demonstrated a great ROI whether that is in $ or in less downtime.  The type of training needed is different.  Here is a concept: Teach people how to make and upload a good video…

I think Winston Churchill was right when he said “I hate to be trained, but I love to learn”.  Social learning is something that needs to come from the grass roots up where people help each other rather than being told to use social media to actually sit down and learn.

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